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Some things have happened….

A lot actually….

I have not been online due to the fact that I had a school semester to finish up and a surgery to recover from.

I had Gall Bladder Surgery recently. I was in a lot of pain on Sunday. I posted a little bit about that recently. To make a long story short : Went to ER, daughter called, I was in pain. I was iin pain almost a month or so now. I was hurting bad in the right side. I had a Ultra Sound done for several things. They first did a pelvic exam to make sure that I didn’t have another tumor growing inside of me. That came out negative. Then, I had a ultra sound for other things including Gall Bladder. That was the week prior to the ER visit from hell. I go to ER where they do a Pelvic Exam on me and they were not even good about it. First of all, I was spread eagle to the door that opens and closes and the only one who actually cared was the nurse there who threw a sheet over me. I was told to do the tube down my nose to check for internal bleeding. The first nurse who did it put that stuff in my nose that made everything numb. I have asthma. It is scary when you can’t breathe. Of all the people in the world, I should know when I can’t breathe. I told them I was experiencing breathing issues. They basically told me that if I can talk , I am breathing. Then, I was held in a position to put the tube down my nose. I didn’t like it. It hurt. I felt like something ripped. I can taste blood. I told them to pull it out. They told me they couldn’t because they had to get this test done. I told them something was wrong and I couldn’t breathe. Again, I was told that I could breathe because I was talking. It was all really messed up. 😦

Then, I pulled the tube out of my nose from my throat giving myself a bloody nose but I could breathe again. They brought in this other doctor who told me that it was his fortay (however you spell that) to do this. Then pushes down on my neck and shoves it down my other nostril. I told them I didn’t want to do it. They said you came in for help right? Then, basically giving me some kind of guilt trip. I was manhandled, they were rough, they were not nice at all. I was a piece of meat.

Then, I asked several times for something for pain because that is why I was in there in the first place because of the pain in my right side. I had also told them about my ultra sound from Nortons. When the other nurse came in I asked if they found out anything about the ultra sound. She told me she would check. I asked for pain medicine.

A few moments later , I was told there was no internal bleeding, I had nothing wrong in my pelvic examination, my ultra sound results showed NOTHING , and then they gave me TWO MOTRINS and released me to go home.

I left with my mother who came to help with my daughter. On the way out the pain was even worse. My neck was now hurting twice as much. I couldn’t barely breathe. My nose was dried with blood. My throat was sore. I was in twice as bad shape coming out then going in there.

I went to my doctor which was down a few blocks. She went ahead and saw me. I told her what was going on. She told me that the ultra sound results showed several gall stones, that I had an enlarged liver and other things. She called up for a surgeon that I met on Monday. ON Monday, I meet with the guy and he tells me he is taking it out. I get an appointment for surgery on that Tuesday.
Thank you Jewish Hospital for your stupidity. Something bad could have happened if I just went home and didn’t even go to my doctor.  😦

Thank you to my lovely daughter who did do something and called 9-1-1 to get mommy help and called Grandma’s work to have an adult come get her there. She is a great kid.

Here are some things from my Facebook too like pictures and stuff I updated recently that I haven’t wrote in a blog  about yet.

ON second thought I have 10 seconds or my computer will shut down and my charger is in another room. I will get to those later 😉

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day !





A few notes of today…..

1.) If the person at the counter takes your order they are not the person who made the food.  Do not throw a hamburger in their face and tell them they have to fix their mutilated burger they ate half of before deciding it wasn’t right to begin with.  Also, Don’t cut in line to get a freaking refill on a ice tea while there are customers ahead of you. Get in line like everyone else. It is not hard to be a little bit polite.

2.) My locker obviously hates me. The other day it decided to rip open my pinky finger. Today, it decided to eat the contents and not puke it back out for me. This morning I came in and my boss wanted a copy of my photo ID. I completely forgot about making one. He asked me to get my ID. I went to the locker and retrieved my ID. When I did that I put my inhaler that fell out of my pocket into my locker. Yippee… because a lady who decided to bathe in her perfume came in causing me a massive sneezing attack and a asthmatic reaction afterwards that on break I couldn’t get my locker open to retrieve it. Luckily, I got to learn Drive Thru today and the fresh air of the window opened me up some. ‘


3.) I decided that if all I ever do is drive thru it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

4.) The aluminum foil man came up to my counter. Someone threw away all his food. His coffee was hot!  One of my managers nicely promo’ed him some of his food back. The guy is a very nice man and he was a lot better than the lady who came in yelling at me that I mutilated her already half eaten hamburger.

5.) Some people don’t deserve children and need psychiatric evaluations.


OH now for 5 totally random photos of zombies I stole off of

I haven’t posted for awhile.

A lot of things have gone on. For one, I lost my wifi and I have to connect through my phone. I started a job for another. It is a job. I don’t mind it. My cat Uhura had kittens and unfortunately only one survived the whole thing. We named his Gizmo. He is doing great.

So, To update you I will post things from my facebook really quick since I am accessing my mobile hotspot through my phone and taking a break from my homework.

Let the Randomness begin!

I had a nice relaxing day doing homework, watching Flash and then I up and decided I needed to get out of the house. I threw on some jeans, tied my shoe laces, had Josie get dressed and we grabbed a bus.

Josie said , ” Where am I going? ”

I replied, ” Jurassic Park.”

Josie : Um, Drasic park is not real.
Me: Jurassic Park. Not Drasic. Yes. We are going to have fun.
Josie: Okay. I am worried.

We went to the Louisville Zoo. It was fun to be there and get out and walk around, have some exercise and fresh air. I have a membership. I might as well use the darn thing.

We had to pay $4 each to see the dinosaurs. They took photos of us on a green screen. They came out funny. Then, we took our very short tour around the dino park. They were big, they were loud, they moved and squeaked. They were not that scary. LOL. I know there are littler kids that come to the zoo but I just expected something different.

I don’t know what… but different.

So, A little disappointed but it was fun to say the least. There was a dino that spit water. That was funny.

Back to homework now….

I I was , personally, excited to finally get to see Lemurs at the zoo. This was taken with my camera phone. Sorry for the pixels and stuff.

Josie was so excited to get out and get some fresh air!Baby Dinosaurs!

fJosie liked this one. She also loved the one that had the duck bill.  This was the most “exciting” of all of them besides the one that spit water.

I wasn’t much impressed. It was cool though. It has little story boards next to all of them. If you take time to actually read them you may learn a few new things. We did!


TThis is how our green screen came out. We are both terrible actors. LOL. I have a double chin here too, I hate that. I am also squinting as if I smelled a terrible fart and was disgusted by that more than I was of a giant dinosaur ready to attack me.

My father passed away on February 5th. On February 10th (my birthday) I was signing papers for my father’s cremation and walking in the snow trying to defrost my eyebrows in the nearest VP on the way there too. It wasn’t exciting. Josie had a good birthday party per say. I made an incredible cake. We both really didn’t get to do much though for our birthdays because of his passing. In the last few months all I have been doing is conducting business for my father , trying to get him released, get his medical records, take care of bills (by calling them up and saying he is deceased quit sending them), etc. I have been overcome by grief and shock and a mix of emotions that has splattered me. I wanted to do something special so I took extra money that I had ( I didn’t want to spend ) and we bought tickets for Blue Men group. I figured after all we both have been through (and Josie has been awesome!) that we deserved it. We got to see them yesterday. They were equally awesome and funny. I enjoyed how Josie went along with a lot of things like shaking booty and hands in the air, etcetra. It was awesome. She would be so much fun at a rock concert.


This was the display outside for Blue Men  Group! It was awesome!

Little Drummer Girl got Drum Sticks!



This is how high up we were…..



Um. this was Josie’s response to the how high up we were…..


This would be Uhura and Gizmo.


Yup, that is how I feel.


Didn’t your Mom ever teach you to NOT play with your food? … OH yah….

Watching The Flash with Josie . It is the episode with Nightshade and Ghost. At some point he mentions Ground control. This is where Joz chimes in and starts singing Ground Control to Major Flash, we all need you hurry and be real fast….10 hours ago.


OH….BUT WE ARE GOING TO BLUE MEN!!!!!!!! (yesterday)


Okay, I was talking about our plumber who came over. We had some issues recently. Such  as our light fixture was leaking water. OK!…. I called up to tell them it was leaking water in our storage room. We have storage tubs piled in there that belongs to all of us. They are NOT messy and nothing is all over the place. The reason I mention this is because the piece of work that came in to look at things told me that he may have to cut a hole in the ceiling and then I ask if I have to move things around. He says no that I wouldn’t have to because it can’t get any messier in there than it already is. Before that, my new landlord who bought the place came over to assure me he was sending over a licensed plumber (three times told this to me) and then drops to one knee at my door before walking out to praise the father. (Honest to Whoever is listening).

My father had health issues I was unaware of. He told me what I wanted to hear. He didn’t want to worry me. He always just told me not to worry about your ol dad and things were ok. Then he died. I am left with unanswered questions, things left unspoken, and heart ache.

Conflictions of your soul is never a good idea.

I do not not believe in one ultimate being handing out destinies and all that jazz. I am open minded to others beliefs. I do believe we all have a purpose. I believe we all need to be greatful we are here in the time we are here and not treat others like a bunch of fucked up assholes because we are just contributing to the problem and not really helping.

I want to help. I want to be a contribution. I don’t need my name in papers and I really don’t want it etched in stone.

Start living people. Start contributing to society. Start caring.

I am tired of wasting my heart and breath on those who treat others poorly. I am tired of watching it happen. I plan on being around an awfully long time so watch out society bitch with a vengeance is loose.

I will not tolerate being hurt anymore.

If you want to drop me , go for it.

On other news, I won’t hide shit. Why let people question and wonder.

I have a freaking tumor. I have a doctors appointment on Thursday.


Nuff said.(Yesterday I wrote that.)

It is always lovely to wake up, roll over and find a tiny butt facing you. Uhura and baby, happily nursing and purring, were laying by my head.























Internet Service Provider miscommunication????

I just called an internet service provider

Me: Hi, I am looking for internet service in my area. My only problem is most of them need a telephone jack for this. I do not have one in my apartment at all.

Guy on phone : Yes, Mam, what is the address?

Me: Gives address. Guy on phone : So, give me a few moments and I will have some information for you. (on hold 5 minutes)

Guy on phone: Okay, Mam, I see here you are looking for internet service and what I can give you is Insight. They are available for you in that area.

Me: I don’t want Insight , I have had them before. So, what you are telling me is you don’t service this area?

Guy on phone: With Insight they have great television service, telephone lines and internet at low rates and you don’t need a phone jack.

Me: I am sorry, are we getting our lines crossed? I am looking for internet service that is not Insight. I just said I do not want Insight. So, you don’t have service in my area? Is that what you are telling me ? Correct?

Guy on phone: let me go ahead and connect you to Insight and they will be able to assist you further…. …. Am I not speaking English?!